Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Mass Effect 2

Been playing Mass Effect 2 off and on over the last couple weeks and I have to say it's as good as the first game. Once I got use to the interface changes, it was easy to get around and do what I needed to to.

I've been playing a Male Soldier and I have to say that the combat has been pretty easy up to this point. I've made it to level 11 and collected 4 of my team members. I've been playing this character heavy on the Paragon side as I typically play a goody-goody character.

Last night I started a female Adept as I wanted to check out a Biotic character. I picked female because it seemed to fit my idea of an adept. My plan is to play this characters heavy on the Renegade side. So far it's fun! Though pulling out my gun and putting it in the face of everyone is going to get old quickly.

Right off the bat I noticed a number of differences in the story. For one, where a male character start play talking to Ashley, the female character starts with Kaiden. Both were potential love interests from the first game. In the scene your character has a helmet on to cover up your face, this helps keep the illusion that it's you. Later in the game you get to select your characters looks.

Another thing I noticed was that the dialogs switch to match your character gender, he/she/him/her/etc. Even though most of the time they just call you Commander or Shepard, it's a nice touch. In the cinematic scenes they even change to more feminine features. One seen your looking through your eyes up from a medical table, with the male character you see a male hand and with a female it's a female hand.

I cannot imagine the amount of time it took to do the extra cinematic scenes and voice dubs, but it's a very nice touch. I was a bit disappointed in my female characters overall body structure. The arms and legs seemed a bit too thin for the rest of her body. After armor was put on, it looks pretty good.

Well more later.

Cya around and watch your six!

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