Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kicking the MMO Addiction

Been a long while since I've posted.  I've never been that great at keeping up with my blog, for various reason that are really not important to this post.

I've been playing various MMO's over the last 12 years, moving to new games as I go bored with the old one, even returning to favorites as I discover the grass is not always greener.  MMO's and gaming in general have always been a part of my adult life.  Habits like these are always the hardest to kick as you become accustom to them being there.  At least that is until now.

What's changed you may ask?  It's hard to pinpoint any one factor for me.  Be it a change in attitude as I've gotten on in years or the general poor condition my body is now in from so many long hours at the computer eating foods that are not healthy and having little exercise.

What's kept me going for the last few year are the friendships I've created.  This factor is the one reason I will never regret my gaming addiction.

So as I go onto new and better things in my life I wanted to post this parting message.  Soon I look to reverse the damage done to my body by years of abuse and enjoying other hobbies that come my way.  I've always wanted to do more outdoors and camping/hiking appeal to me a lot.

As far as cyberspace goes, I'm toying with the idea to start a daily/weekly blog that chronicles my journey from an overweight ex-gamer to a svelte outdoors-man.  Well, maybe not svelte, but at least in a condition where I won't pass out taking a walk.

I'll update this post later with the details of my plans.  Hopefully my experiences I share will help others in the same position.

UPDATE:  New blog, Svelte Gamer Project, started. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Pre-Order is here!

You can now pre-order the game.  Should be out later this year.  When you pre-order you get to play the game 3 days before release.  There are 3 versions: Collectors Edition, Deluxe Digital, Standard.  Details can be found at

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™Collector's Edition
Cost: $149.99 
Currently Sold Out at the EA site but may be ordered at local retailers.
Pre-Order Exclusive:
Limited Collector's Edition Includes:
  • Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue
  • Game disks collectible metal case
  • The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural as annotated by Satele Shan
  • The Old Republic galaxy map
  • Custom Security Authentication Key
  • Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD
  • High-quality Collector's Edition box
 Includes 7 Additional Digital Items:

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™Digital Deluxe Edition 
Cost:  $79.99

Pre-Order Exclusive:
Includes 5 Additional Digital Items: 
Star Wars™: The Old Republic™Standard Edition
Cost:  $59.99

Pre-Order Exclusive:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

MMO Health and Fitness

Added a friends new blog to my list. She's another MMO addict that's into keeping fit while still playing. If you are interested in getting into a little better shape, I'd recommend reading her blog.

Good luck with the new blog Janet!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Week 2 of the great Sony downtime. Hands are not shaking as much and the hallucinations have subsided some.

Wow, Sony needs some serious compensation for it's customers. While I will return to EQ2, because of my guild of friends. How they handle this will determine the likelihood of me tossing in the towel and giving up my MMO career at least till SW:ToR comes out.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Going Old School - Part 2

Well the GURPS space game didn't materialize. Coming up with a galactic scale game takes a lot of time. Time which I didn't have. So after going to GenCon and playing some FantasyCraft from Crafty Games, I decided to run a fantasy campaign.

I've already run my group through Cleansing of the Black Spur adventure. Which turned out well for them. This weekend I will be running them through The Darkest Hour. Should be a blast!