Friday, April 10, 2009

LOTRO Update

Been playing LOTRO a bit more. The graphics and atmosphere of the game is really excellent! At night the stars are spectacular and during the day the clouds are very life-like.

At first I tried out the new Rune Keeper class (mage class), this class was fairly fun to play and even with the light armor I didn't get beat up too bad. Decent DPS with some decent healing capabilities make this a good class to play, at least up to 12th level where I decided to check out the Hunter class. I expect that the combination of DPS and healing makes this class an asset to any group.

The Hunter class is pure DPS and I'm having a blast with my him. When solo'ing most of the mobs are near death or dead by the time they get to me. This makes the light armor not a problem as the mobs are quickly dead before they can take you down. Sometime after 10th level the class gets the skill to use medium armor. I expect that this will come in handy as I level and run into tougher opponents.

Last night, I finally got into my first group. I was blindly invited into a group of 3-4 people in Chetwood last night. At first I was a bit sceptical about the group as they were talking much. I asked what was up and stated I was game to do just about anything as I didn't know my way around much. After killing some wolves and bandits, it was suggested that we hit the borrow downs to kill some undead. I've wandered into this area before while exploring and was awestruck when the atmosphere changed to very ominous and dark.

Unfortunately I had to log before going with the group. My daughter needed to do some school work on my computer. By the end of the night my hunter made 11th or 12th level and I had a blast with the group.

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