Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Belated review of Age of Conan.

Well I picked up Age of Conan when it was release last year. I played if off and on for a couple weeks. So this just scratches the surface of the game.

1. Having made several characters, trying out the different classes, the classes seemed fairly well balanced for PvE. Granted I didn't get a very far into the game to comment if this is the case at higher levels. But overall each class was interesting and fun enough.
2. Quests are pretty lack luster. Nothing that really sets them above the quests in any other game. From my limited experience, most of your exp was gained by questing.
3. Combat was different from most MMO's and reminded me somewhat of the combat system in Dungeons and Dragons Online. To me this was a plus for the game. Often combat becomes very dull and a burden in most games.
4. The player base seemed a bit offstandish and not as outgoing and friendly. This made it difficult to get groups and enjoy the game. To me a game is only as good as the people you play with. The guild I joined was a bit disorganized and I never got the invite to the guild in game.

Overall the game has potential and even though I have cancelled my account, I consider possibility of re-subscribing as generally good.


Lars said...

The game was fun until level 20, then it was a typical grind. The combat was fun, I liked the directional combat and the combo based attack system. Unfortunately, it didn't really give me an incentive to play. The itemization was terrible, it was lot like EQ2 at launch, just a smattering of random numbers and nothing that makes you say "wow, I want that." And PVP didn't even have a point to it. Which means it left you with only leveling as a goal, and the quests were terribly dull, so I didn't stick around for long. It sure was a pretty looking game though.

Corwin.EoL said...

Yes the graphic were nice. Other than the combat it was a pretty blah game.