Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back in the Saddle - Somewhat

Yea I know I've been a bit absent from my blog over the last few months. I've been really lacking the gumption to do much of anything Online outside of gaming.

For a while there I was heavily into the political scene and got pulled into a number of sites. Well that got old really quickly and now I'm back to MMO's.

I've semi retired my Guardian in EQ2 and quickly leveled my Troubador. I hope to help the raid force of my guild become more successful. We are in the process of rebuilding our raid force and it should be interesting to see how the next few months go.

Age of Conan is due out on May 20th and I'll try and post an initial review of it here. I will be getting it, but expect it to only be a momentary distraction from EQ2.

Gotta run, my time is up. Happy blogging all.

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Lars said...

If you get it, let's try to get on the same server. I will most likely end up back in EQ2 as well, but you never know, and it would be nice to have familiar faces around to explore the lands of Hyboria with.