Monday, November 19, 2007

Initial Thoughts on EQII: Rise of Kunark

Well the Rise of Kunark expansion for EQII came out last Tuesday and with 3 days of vacation time and a bunch of hours of playtime, here's my initial review.

The zones are huge! The creatures in the zones start around level 67/68. In the initial zone there is over 70 quests that can be solo'd by most if not all classes. The second and third zones are equally large and also have large numbers of quests.

The equipment and cash given by these quests are pretty nice, that is if you are not equipped in KoS or EoF fabled. For a non raiding player these zones are full of nice equipment. The cash given from these quests are nice also. This coupled with the No Trade equipment sales to the merchant and you can easily come out with 3-5 plat a night (4-6 hours).

Along with the equipment and cash you will find that the EXP and AA points will flow like it never has before. Now this can be because of the long dry spell since the last level raise. Either way you will have little to no problems leveling and gaining AA. Just be sure to do every quest that you can get your hands on.

To date I find this to be the best expansion released for EQII. I have yet to experience much of the Heroic and Raid content, I hope to be able to update this mid next month.

This expansion is definately worth it. You get every expansion and adventure pack, and at $40US it's a bargain.

See you in game. :D

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