Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to AC

Yup on November 2, 2007 Asheron's Call, the game that started my MMORPG addiction, celebrated it's 8th birthday.

Asheron's Call has a rich story and large world in which players explore and adventure in. The largest highlight of AC is its character generation and advancement system. AC is a hybrid skill/level based system. The graphic are outdated but the content and character development are still one of the best out there.

Congratulations to all the folks at Turbine and all those players that make the world of AC their home.


Aspendawn said...

This was a game I wish I had played in its prime. I've heard nothing but great things. I tinkered with it for about a month a year ago but it's really difficult to get into at this point, especially without knowing anyone.

Corwin.EoL said...

I joined it a year or so after it released.

It was a very fun and exciting game. My first MMORPG.

Many that tried AC2, hoped to find an AC1 but with better graphics. Unfortunately it wasn't.