Monday, October 1, 2007

October Days are here.

October is one of my favorite month of the year. The weather really starts to change with the heat of the Summer giving way to the cool temperatures of Fall. The trees start to change colors and life just seems to slow down a bit.

This is the lull before the storm. November and December are the build-up for the holidays and tend to be a bit rushed. The weather is still nice enough to allow for fun outdoor activities and the not-so-fun ones are going away (taking care of the yard).

My thoughts start straying towards the upcoming presidential elections in 2008. The next 13 months we will see an ever increasing media bombardment of political ads and news commentary. In the end it will come down to the same decision as in the past elections, picking the lesser of two evils. Well it's still early and I don't expect to spend much time dwelling on politics, at least for now.

American Solutions is a site that attempt to get people together to discuss issues and purpose workable, real world solutions for them. It's meant to be a bipartisan effort by involving people from across the political spectrum. Focusing less on the Presidency or Congress, but focusing on Local and State officials. The site is still a little new but there's some interesting ideas and discussions forming or in progress there. Oh and for my Democrat readers, don't let Newt scare you off. :D

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